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Estate Agents in Spain

Estate Agents in Spain

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Found out how to build a small business in Spain

Small businesses are the most common form of enterprise in Spain. According to a study made in 2009 by the general management of small and medium company’s policies, around 94% of Spanish businesses have under 10 people in their staff, that means, a lot of small businesses.

To begin a business, it is necessary to have a residence and authorization to work in Spain. If you have a permanent residence, you only need to fulfill the necessary requirements to open your business under the same condition as the Spanish citizens. Read along and find out what to do.

Getting started

Plan all the aspects of your business and ask for a work permit if you still don’t have one. There is a time frame for this processes and if it’s approved, you can get started. The best thing you can do is to rent an apartment and stay a few days in Spain if you don’t live there to get acquainted with the place before you move.


You will have to gather information about the prices to set up a company in Spain, establish the amount of money you will invest taking aspects like staff, job benefits and authorizations to open the business into consideration.


You must present a business aperture declaration and register for the payment of taxes for your economical activities. For that, you should go to the nearest branch of the Spanish national tax agency to your official location and present your document. The tax only applies if your company makes more than a million euros annually, but you must register regardless of your business’ income.

Get licensed

If you want to open a small business you must obtain a license for it in Spain. Due to the different rules local governments have within the country, ask for information about what is needed to obtain the licenses at the city council or in the office of Regional government.

To open a small business in Spain is something that requires a lot or work. It can prove to be a challenging and nearly impossible task for those who are not prepare. To help you get the process done quickly and with positive results, it is best that you hire a good lawyer that advices you and that is with you on every step of the way.


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